Where To Eat In Stamford? Top 20 Best Restaurants

Where To Eat In Stamford? Top 20 Best Restaurants

Welcome to Stamford, Connecticut – a city that takes pride in its vibrant and diverse culinary scene.

Whether you’re a tourist, food enthusiast, or simply looking for the perfect spot to dine in town, our article will help you find the perfect choice – through an array of restaurants offering delightful menus ranging from American to Mediterranean and everything in between.

If you are seeking recommendations on fun things to do during your stay, check out our dedicated article.

Top 20 Restaurants In Stamford

Here are the top 20 restaurants in Stamford, each offering a unique culinary experience and exceptional taste: Café SilviumColumbus Park Trattoria, Brasitas, The Capital Grille, Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza, Colony Grill, Barcelona Wine Bar, Bartaco, Trips Restaurant, Elm Street Diner and many more.

1. Café Silvium

where to eat in stamford - café silvium
Café Silvium – 371 Shippan Ave, Stamford, CT 06902

Café Silvium, located in Stamford, Connecticut, is a must-visit destination for tourists and food enthusiasts seeking an authentic Italian dining experience.

This highly acclaimed restaurant is known for serving hearty Italian classics that cater to different dietary preferences.

The cozy atmosphere at Café Silvium creates a welcoming environment where customers can indulge in delicious cuisine while enjoying superior service.

In addition to its impressive ratings for taste and variety, Café Silvium also boasts high marks for atmosphere and accessibility.

As you savor your meal at this renowned eatery, make sure to try their signature pasta dishes or flavorful seafood options – all prepared with the finest ingredients by skilled chefs.

2. Columbus Park Trattoria

where to eat in stamford - columbus park trattoria
Columbus Park Trattoria – 205 Main St, Stamford, CT 06901

Columbus Park Trattoria, a family-owned gem in the heart of Stamford, has been serving authentic Italian cuisine since 1985.

This top-rated restaurant is renowned for its diverse menu options, such as calamari, cannelloni, chicken dishes, fish, shrimp, and pesto.

In addition to catering to various dietary restrictions with vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options available on their menu – this iconic establishment provides an ideal atmosphere for families with children, large groups or business meetings.

The extensive wine list – featuring thoughtfully curated selections – craft cocktails and exceptional service create a comfortable ambiance perfect for romantic dinners or special occasions alike.

3. Brasitas

where to eat in stamford - brasitas
Brasitas – 954 E Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

Brasitas, a must-visit Pan-Latin restaurant in Stamford, Connecticut, has earned its spot as one of the top 20 recommended eateries in town.

With a strong 4/5 rating for taste and variety, this popular establishment offers an irresistible assortment of dishes influenced by different Latin American countries but presented with a modern twist.

Though some customers have pointed out that portion sizes may be smaller than expected and peak hours can get noisy, Brasitas continues to entice tourists and food enthusiasts alike through its delectable weekday happy hour deals.

4. The Capital Grille

where to eat in stamford - the capital grille
The Capital Grille – 230 Tresser Blvd, Stamford, CT 06901

The Capital Grille is a true gem in the Stamford dining scene, boasting an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on customer reviews and ratings.

This upscale steakhouse offers a refined ambiance and expertly prepared dry-aged steaks that are sure to impress even the most discerning palate.

The menu also features delectable dishes such as New England clam chowder and lobster bisque, accompanied by an extensive wine list that is sure to complement any meal perfectly.

And while the restaurant may be perfect for special occasions or business meetings, it’s also great for intimate romantic dinners too!

With live music playing in the background, private dining options available for events, and excellent service throughout your meal – you’ll surely have a memorable experience at The Capital Grille.

5. Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza

where to eat in stamford - remo's brick oven pizza
Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza – 35 Bedford St, Stamford, CT 06901

Looking for a slice of heaven in Stamford? Look no further than Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza, one of the top 20 restaurants in town. This iconic pizzeria is a must-visit for pizza enthusiasts and foodies alike.

Customers rave about the delicious toppings, huge portions, and affordable prices at Remo’s. But it’s not just about pizza here; They also offer fresh pasta dishes and hearty calzones that will fill you up as well.

During warmer months, be sure to take advantage of their outdoor seating area while enjoying your meal with friends or family.

6. Colony Grill

where to eat in stamford - colony grill
Colony Grill – 172 Myrtle Ave, Stamford, CT 06902

Colony Grill is a must-visit for any pizza lover in Stamford. This legendary pizza place offers unique pies that will leave your taste buds satisfied and wanting more.

Their famous hot oil pizza, salad pizza, and breakfast pizza are some of the standout options on their menu. Colony Grill has been named one of the top 20 restaurants in Stamford based on customer reviews and ratings, and it’s no surprise why!

They offer delivery and takeout services for those who prefer to enjoy their meals at home, but outdoor seating is also available for diners who want to bask in the sun while enjoying their delicious food.

Whether you’re vegetarian or gluten-free, there’s something for everyone as they cater to various dietary restrictions.

7. Barcelona Wine Bar

where to eat in stamford - barcelona wine bar
Barelona Wine Bar – 222 Summer St, Stamford, CT 06901

Barcelona Wine Bar is a must-visit restaurant for those looking to indulge in scrumptious tapas and an extensive wine list.

This establishment features outdoor seating options so diners can enjoy their meals while taking in the fresh air.

This popular eatery has earned rave reviews from customers who appreciate its inviting atmosphere and delicious selection of food items.

8. Bartaco

where to eat in stamford - Bartaco

Bartaco is a must-try restaurant in Stamford, Connecticut that offers Mexican-inspired cuisine and an impressive selection of cocktails, beer, and wine.

This popular spot is known for its coastal interior and trendy atmosphere that makes it perfect for a fun night out with friends or family.

Bartaco’s menu features unique dishes like pork belly tacos, carne asada rice bowls, and roasted half chicken along with classic favorites like guacamole and chips.

Vegetarians can also enjoy many options to choose from such as cauliflower tacos or falafel lettuce wraps.

This exciting restaurant caters to all budgets – they offer happy hour specials on weekdays where drinks are discounted significantly and during weekends when brunch is served alongside their standard lunch/dinner menu items.

9. Trips Restaurant

where to eat in stamford - trips restaurant
Trips Restaurant

Trips Restaurant is a top-rated dining establishment in Stamford, CT that offers American cuisine with a creative twist. This restaurant has made it to the list of best restaurants in Stamford due to its generous portions, friendly service, and reasonable prices.

Featuring an extensive menu that caters to different tastes and dietary restrictions, Trips offers something for everyone. Customer reviews rave about their delectable dishes such as their famous lobster mac and cheese and juicy burgers topped with crispy bacon.

Trips Restaurant is associated with other acclaimed dining establishments such as The Capital Grille, Fish Restaurant + Bar, Flinders Lane Kitchen and Bar, and Hudson Social.

10. Elm Street Diner

where to eat in stamford - elm street diner
Elm Street Diner

One of the top-rated restaurants in Stamford, CT is the Elm Street Diner, offering American cuisine with vegan and gluten-free options. Known for their cake milkshakes and loaded sandwiches, this diner has been serving delicious meals for over 25 years.

The warm and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant makes it suitable for families, large groups, business meetings, romantic dinners, and special occasions.

Located in downtown Stamford and associated with the top 20 restaurants in town on a relevant webpage that categorizes establishment type based on customer reviews and ratings.

11. Tutti Pazzi

where to eat in stamford - tutti pazzi
Tutti Pazzi

Tutti Pazzi is a must-visit restaurant for food enthusiasts in Stamford, Connecticut. Located on Bedford Street, this Italian eatery specializes in handmade pasta and offers outdoor dining spaces that are perfect for pleasant weather days.

With a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on 668 customer reviews, Tutti Pazzi’s tasty menu options include caprese saladagnolotti di zucca, and pappardelle al ragù di cinghiale.

1The attentive staff provides excellent service and ensures that every dish delivers an authentic taste of Italy.

12. Blackstones Steakhouse

where to eat in stamford - blackstones steakhouse
Blackstones Steakhouse

Blackstones Steakhouse is a must-visit restaurant for those who love steak in Stamford. The menu offers a wide variety of options, including brunch items, seafood, burgers, steaks, and desserts.

Among the popular dishes are the Lobster Cobb Salad and Blackstones Burger. The interior design is stylish and modern with an extensive wine list to pair perfectly with your meal.

However, it’s important to note that compared to other restaurants on the top 20 list, prices at Blackstones Steakhouse tend to be higher due to its fine dining experience.

13. Divina

where to eat in stamford - Divina

Divina is a hidden gem among the top 20 best restaurants in Stamford, CT. Located at Courtyard by Marriott Stamford Downtown, Divina features a stunning interior and freshly baked pastries that are worth raving about.

Their scrumptious Italian cuisine has won the hearts of many patrons who can’t get enough of their popular Morning Sandwich and Salmon a la Plancha dishes.

What makes Divina special is not only their delicious food options but also their attention to customers’ dietary needs, offering gluten-free options for people with allergies or those on specific diets.

14. Çka Ka Qellu

best restaurants in stamford - Çka Ka Qellu
Çka Ka Qellu

One of the top 20 restaurants in Stamford, Connecticut that you should definitely check out is Çka Ka Qellu. This hidden gem specializes in traditional Albanian and Kosovo-inspired delicacies, making it a unique dining experience for food enthusiasts looking for something new.

The Skenderbeg dish is a must-try: breaded and fried smoked meat roll filled with cheese and topped with a creamy white dressing. Another recommended dish is Sarma–cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, ground veal, and vegetables–which will leave your taste buds wanting more.

15. Kouzina

best restaurants in stamford - kouzina

Kouzina is a relatively new restaurant in Stamford that has quickly made a name for itself among locals and tourists alike.

This eatery specializes in authentic Greek delicacies, using fresh and organic ingredients to create dishes bursting with flavor.

If you’re looking for a meal that’s both healthy and delicious, this is the place to be. One dish worth trying at Kouzina is the Kotopoulo, an organic cast iron-roasted half chicken served with roasted potatoes.

It’s tender, juicy, and packed with protein – perfect for those who are health-conscious but still want something hearty.

16. Casa Villa

mexican restaurants in stamford - casa villa
Casa Villa

Casa Villa is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking to indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine while in Stamford, CT. This highly-rated eatery has earned its place on the list of top 20 restaurants in the city based on customer reviews and ratings.

Located at 866 E Main St, Casa Villa boasts a stunning interior that’s well-lit and perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for vegan options or gluten-free choices, Casa Villa caters to all dietary restrictions so you can enjoy your meal without worries.

17. Fez

moroccan restaurant stamford - fez

Fez is a hidden gem among Stamford’s top 20 restaurants, offering an exquisite Moroccan dining experience.

This restaurant serves up a delicious selection of dishes, such as tagine meatballs and spiced lamb kebabs, that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Fez has become highly regarded by locals and visitors alike for its excellent food qualityinviting atmosphere, and exceptional service.

It’s no wonder this restaurant made it onto our list of Stamford’s must-visit eateries.

18. Olio

stamford restaurants olio

Olio Restaurant is one of the top 20 picks for where to eat in Stamford, CT. This Southern comfort food spot is known for its unique dishes, such as Shrimp and Grits and lobster Eggs Benedict.

The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with an open kitchen and outdoor seating options.

If you’re looking for a brunch spot or just want to try something new, Olio is worth checking out.

The menu features a range of options from classic breakfast items like pancakes and bacon to more adventurous dishes like fried chicken on a biscuit with hot honey sauce.

19. Kotobuki

restaurants in stamford - kotobuki

Kotobuki has been a staple of the Stamford food scene for over 30 years, and is renowned for its top-quality sushi and sashimi.

The restaurant’s experienced chefs serve up a range of traditional Japanese dishes in an intimate setting that makes diners feel right at home.

As well as classic sushi rolls, Kotobuki offers unique twists on Japanese cuisine—try the creamy lobster roll or spicy tuna avocado salad for something different.

20. Tabouli Grill

Tabouli Grill

Tabouli Grill is a must-visit restaurant for Middle Eastern cuisine lovers when in Stamford. Located at 59 High Ridge Road, the restaurant offers vegan and gluten-free options that are made fresh daily.

Its specialties include homemade hummus, falafel, and shawarma served with freshly baked pita bread. The modern and stylish interior provides a cozy atmosphere to enjoy their delicious dishes.

With its high ratings on Yelp, Tabouli Grill continues to be a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Offering takeout services as well as catering for special events and parties, the friendly staff ensures everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Exploring The Best Restaurants in Stamford By Neighborhood

Discover the unique flavors of Stamford’s diverse culinary scene by exploring neighborhoods such as Downtown, Springdale and North Stamford, and South of I-95.

Downtown Stamford

If you’re looking for a lively atmosphere and plenty of dining options, Downtown Stamford is the place to be. This neighborhood boasts some of the city’s best restaurants, including Barcelona Wine Bar, known for its tapas and extensive wine list.

For Italian cuisine lovers, Columbus Park Trattoria is a must-try with their homemade pastas and wood-fired pizzas.

But Downtown Stamford isn’t just home to fine dining establishments – there are plenty of more casual options as well. Lucky’s Classic Burger & Malt Shop offers burgers, fries, onion rings and shakes just like a classic American diner while Lorca Cafe brings Spanish-inspired coffee drinks and delicious baked goods to the table.

Springdale And North Stamford

Head north of Downtown Stamford and explore the vibrant culinary scene of Springdale and North Stamford. From authentic Italian cuisine to Albanian-inspired dishes, this is where you’ll find some hidden gems in the city.

Divina, one of Springdale’s top Italian restaurants, delights taste buds with their mouthwatering Salmon a la Plancha and Morning Sandwiches. Meanwhile, Çka Ka Qellu brings a touch of Eastern Europe to your plate with their Skenderbeg and Sarma dishes that showcase traditional Albanian and Kosovo-inspired flavors.

For those craving Greek food, Kouzina is a must-visit spot for its made-from-scratch Kotopoulo and Tourta Sokolata desserts that transport you straight to Athens.

South Of I-95

South of I-95 in Stamford, visitors will find a diverse range of dining options to suit any taste and budget. This area is home to many family-friendly restaurants like the Elm Street Diner and Lucky’s Classic Burger & Malt Shop, offering classic American cuisine at affordable prices.

For those seeking fine dining experiences, options like The Capital Grille and Barcelona Wine Bar offer gourmet menus and extensive wine lists. Additionally, seafood lovers can enjoy fresh catches at Fish Restaurant + Bar or Crab Shell along the waterfront.

Unique Dining Experiences In Stamford

Stamford’s dining scene is not only diverse in cuisine but also offers unique experiences, such as live entertainment and private dining options for events.

Live Entertainment And Vibrant Atmosphere

Some of the best restaurants in Stamford offer more than just delicious meals. They also provide an incredible dining experience with live entertainment and a vibrant atmosphere that will leave you wanting to return again and again.

For example, Barcelona Wine Bar has live music on certain nights, while Colony Grill offers sports games on their televisions so diners can enjoy a meal in the midst of all the action.

Meanwhile, Bartaco’s beachy vibe paired with refreshing cocktails is perfect for a casual night out with friends.

Private Dining Options For Events

Stamford boasts a diverse culinary scene, and many of its restaurants offer private dining options for events. From intimate gatherings to large celebrations, there are plenty of venues to choose from.

The Capital Grille is one such restaurant, offering several private dining rooms with customized menus and audio-visual capabilities. For something unique, Çka Ka Qellu provides an Albanian family-style dining experience in a cozy atmosphere that can accommodate up to 45 guests.

Barcelona Wine Bar also offers private spaces for events with a tapas-focused menu and an extensive wine list.

Looking for more information on the best restaurants in Stamford? Our article covers everything you need to know about the city’s culinary landscape, including top establishment recommendations by cuisine type and unique dining experiences based on neighborhood location.

Traditional Greek Cuisine

Stamford’s dining scene offers a range of options, including traditional Greek cuisine. Some of the top-rated restaurants in Stamford specialize in dishes like souvlaki, gyros, and Greek salads.

Kouzina is one such restaurant that stands out for its authentic flavors and cozy atmosphere. The menu includes traditional delicacies like Kotopoulo (chicken) and Tourta Sokolata (chocolate cake).

Moreover, several other restaurants offer their version of Greek cuisine with their own distinct twist on classic recipes. Whether you’re new to this type of food or a seasoned fan, there are many flavorful options to choose from when it comes to Greek food in Stamford.



In conclusion, Stamford has undoubtedly established itself as a haven for food lovers. With its diverse culinary scene and a plethora of restaurants catering to different palates, there’s always something delicious to discover in this Connecticut city.

Our comprehensive list of the top 20 picks highlights some of the best eateries in Stamford that offer exceptional meals and dining experiences.

Whether you’re looking for quick bites or fine dining options, traditional Greek cuisine or contemporary American cuisine, our guide has got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of cuisine can I expect to find among the top 20 picks for where to eat in Stamford?

The top 20 picks for where to eat in Stamford offer a diverse range of cuisine options, from classic American fare and international dishes like sushi and Thai food, to upscale Italian dining experiences and gourmet burgers.

Are any of the restaurants on this list kid-friendly?

Yes! Several of the top 20 picks are great spots for families with children, offering kids’ menus and casual atmospheres that cater to young diners while still providing delicious meals for adults.

Will I need reservations at any of these restaurants?

It may be recommended to make reservations ahead of time at some of the more popular spots on our list in order to secure your table during busy times like weekends or holidays. However, many other places feature open seating or walk-in availability as well.

Are there vegetarian/vegan-friendly options available at these restaurants?

Absolutely! Many of our top picks offer vegetarian as well as vegan menu items that are thoughtfully crafted with fresh ingredients and unique flavor profiles perfect for anyone seeking plant-based dining choices.

What are the best restaurants to try in Stamford?

Stamford has a diverse restaurant scene, but some of the best restaurants to try include Olio’s, Pellicci’s Ristorante, and Mecha Noodle Bar.

What are some other Stamford restaurants to try?

Other great restaurants to try in Stamford include Cafe Silvium, Cotto Wine Bar, and Barcelona Wine Bar.

Are there any family-run restaurants in Stamford?

Yes, Pellicci’s Ristorante and Olio’s are both family-run Italian restaurants that have been in business for decades.

Do any of the Stamford restaurants have a seasonal menu?

Yes, some Stamford restaurants like Barcelona Wine Bar offer a seasonal menu with the freshest ingredients available.

What are the best restaurants to try in Fairfield and Greenwich?

Some of the best restaurants to try in Fairfield include B.J. Ryan’s Banc House, Artisan Restaurant, and Martel Bistro & Bar. In Greenwich, be sure to try Mediterraneo, Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant, or The National.

When was Pellicci’s Ristorante founded?

Pellicci’s Ristorante was founded in 1985 and is a well-established Stamford institution.

Does Mecha Noodle Bar have a spacious dining area?

Yes, Mecha Noodle Bar has a spacious dining area and a lively bar serving beer, wine, and creative cocktails.

What are some of the most mouth-watering dishes to try at Stamford restaurants?

Some of the most delicious dishes to try include the cavatelli at Pellicci’s Ristorante, the paella at Barcelona Wine Bar, and the scallop dish at Mecha Noodle Bar.

Does Barcelona Wine Bar have an award-winning wine list?

Yes, Barcelona Wine Bar has won awards for their exceptional wine list and knowledgeable staff.

Who is the owner of Cotto Wine Bar?

The owner of Cotto Wine Bar is Steve Costanzo, a passionate foodie who opened the restaurant in April 2023.