25 Best Places To Eat In Hollywood

25 Best Places To Eat In Hollywood

Navigating the multitude of dining options in Hollywood can be a daunting task. Known as more than just a hotspot for tourists and star-struck fans, Hollywood boasts an impressive culinary scene too.

This guide will help you discover 25 must-visit eateries that offer everything from authentic Thai to mouthwatering steaks. Hungry? Let’s dive into your ultimate foodie tour of Hollywood!

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Top 25 Restaurants in Hollywood

1. Jitlada

best places to eat in hollywood - Jitlada
Jitlada – 5233 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Jitlada, an authentic Southern Thai restaurant nestled on the vibrant Sunset Blvd., is a charming highlight among Hollywood’s best restaurants.

The soul behind Jitlada is Sarintip ‘Jazz’ Singsanong, who ensures each meal turns into an unforgettable culinary experience for patrons.

Known far and wide as one of Los Angeles’s vital gastronomic hotspots, Jitlada offers what many consider to be some of the most outstanding Thai food in town.

Its menu boasts a variety of traditional dishes unique to southern Thailand that are famed for their intense heat and robust flavors.

2. Providence

best places to eat in hollywood - Providence
Providence – 5955 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Providence is a star on the Hollywood culinary scene. Garnering two Michelin stars, this seafood restaurant in Hollywood has made an indelible mark with its excellent cooking and close-knit staff.

Providence’s reputation extends well beyond Los Angeles, thanks to several accolades it has received over the years. This culinary destination is considered one of the best places to eat for anyone looking for an upscale dining experience.

The menu at Providence features house-made dishes that highlight high-quality seafood exemplifying quintessential fine dining in LA. A curated cocktail list complements these ocean offerings perfectly, enhancing your overall dine-in experience.

Booking a table online at Providence is a breeze through the Michelin Guide website, making it easier for tourists and food lovers alike to plan their Hollywood itinerary around this must-visit eatery.

3. Musso & Frank Grill

best places to eat in hollywood - Musso & Frank Grill
Musso & Frank Grill – 6667 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Musso & Frank Grill, nestled on Hollywood Boulevard, boasts a rich history dating back to 1919. In its century-long existence, this iconic eatery has become synonymous with tradition and superior food.

Its door opens into an ambiance of old-school Hollywood charm that immediately transports customers back in time.

The restaurant’s commitment to quality service is as legendary as the generations that have run it, earning it a reputed spot among the top restaurants in LA.

From enticing seafood dishes to their house-made martinis, Musso and Frank Grill never fails to deliver an unparalleled dining experience. Whether you’re craving fine dining or looking for authentic Hollywood cuisine, this culinary hotspot should be on your list of must-visit places in Hollywood.

4. Luv2Eat Thai Bistro

best places to eat in hollywood - Luv2Eat Thai Bistro
Luv2Eat Thai Bistro – 6660 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Luv2Eat Thai Bistro is one of the top restaurants in Hollywood, offering an incredible dining experience for tourists and food lovers. Located in a strip mall, this restaurant is known for its midnight screenings and vibrant atmosphere.

The menu at Luv2Eat Thai Bistro showcases Southern Thai cuisine with dishes like Hat Yai fried chicken, roasted duck rice, crab curry, and moo. The restaurant is helmed by Chef Fern and Chef Pla, who bring their expertise from running Thai restaurants in Phuket, Thailand.

Since opening in October 2014, Luv2Eat Thai Bistro has gained recognition for its authentic flavors and extensive menu options. So whether you’re craving a spicy curry or flavorful rice dish, Luv2Eat Thai Bistro is the place to be for an unforgettable culinary experience.

5. Petit Trois

best places to eat in hollywood - Petit Trois
Petit Trois – 718 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Petit Trois, one of the top 25 restaurants in Hollywood, has earned praise from both food lovers and esteemed critics alike. Nominated for the Best New Restaurant award in 2015, Petit Trois offers a quintessential French Bistro experience.

Their menu features classic and comforting dishes like omelet, steak frites, Croque Monsieur, and indulgent chocolate cake. With four-star precision applied to their cuisine, Petit Trois guarantees an exceptional dining experience that will satisfy your taste buds.

6. Mother Wolf Italian Restaurant

best places to eat in hollywood - Mother Wolf Italian Restaurant
Mother Wolf Italian Restaurant – 1545 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States

Mother Wolf is a must-visit restaurant in Hollywood. It has earned its spot among the best restaurants in Hollywood for good reason. This Roman-style Italian restaurant, owned by Chef Evan Funke, offers an authentic taste of La Cucina Romana.

Mother Wolf is known for its outstanding pasta dishes that will leave you craving more. Whether you’re a tourist or a food lover, this place is definitely worth checking out if you want to experience delicious Roman cuisine in the heart of Hollywood.

7. Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant

best places to eat in hollywood - Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant
Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant – 6600 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant is a must-visit European-style establishment in Hollywood. Owned by celebrity chef Curtis Stone and his brother Luke, Gwen offers an incredible dining experience that celebrates the art of meat.

With fire-based cooking techniques and a menu that showcases the finest cuts, this restaurant is perfect for any meat lover. During the day, you can also visit their butcher shop where they sell humanely raised meats from local partner farms.

As one of the best places to eat in the Hollywood, Gwen promises to deliver an unforgettable culinary adventure.

8. Found Oyster

best places to eat in hollywood - Found Oyster
Found Oyster – 4880 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Found Oyster, a seafood restaurant located in East Hollywood, is a top choice for seafood enthusiasts. Inspired by blue-collar oyster bars in New England, Found Oyster has gained recognition as one of best in Hollywood.

Known for its fresh seafood offerings, Found Oyster provides not only delicious food but also a charming dining experience with an intimate atmosphere perfect for quiet conversations.

9. Mother Tongue

best places to eat in hollywood - Mother Tongue
Mother Tongue – 5201 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Mother Tongue, owned by chef-restaurateur Michael Mina, is a standout restaurant in Hollywood. Located on top of the Heimat fitness club, it offers a glittering dining room and a striking outdoor patio.

Known as a healthy rooftop restaurant, Mother Tongue has earned its place among the top 25 restaurants in Hollywood. 

10. Sanamluang Café

best places to eat in hollywood - Sanamluang Café
Sanamluang Café – 5176 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Sanamluang Café is a must-visit restaurant in Hollywood and is considered one of the best places to eat. Known for its excellent quality meals, this cafe has gained popularity by consistently providing top-notch food.

What sets Sanamluang Café apart from others is its authentic Thai cuisine. With a location in North Hollywood, this minimall-based cafe offers a unique dining experience with its North Bangkok vibe rather than the typical North Hollywood atmosphere.

If you’re looking for delicious and genuine Thai food, Sanamluang Café is the place to be.

11. Ruen Pair

best places to eat in hollywood - Ruen Pair
Ruen Pair – 5257 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Ruen Pair, a beloved restaurant in Hollywood, has been satisfying locals and late-night crowds for 25 years.

As one of the top 25 restaurants in Hollywood, Ruen Pair offers an authentic taste of Thai cuisine from the central and northeast regions of Thailand.

Located in East Hollywood, it’s the perfect spot for a delicious meal after a night out when other places have closed. Considered one of the best Thai restaurants in Los Angeles, Ruen Pair is consistently ranked highly by diners.

Whether you’re craving classic Pad Thai or flavorful curry dishes, Ruen Pair is not to be missed for an unforgettable culinary experience.

12. Courage Bagels

best places to eat in hollywood - Courage Bagels
Courage Bagels – 1680 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Courage Bagels is the most famous bagel shop in Los Angeles, known for their unique and delicious bagels.

Founded by Arielle Skye from Saginaw, this popular spot offers a signature bagel that is smaller, thinner, and sweeter than traditional East Coast bagels.

Baked in a wood-fired oven, Courage Bagels’ creations have a distinctive flavor and texture that sets them apart. Starting as a street food operation in 2017, they now have their own brick-and-mortar location in Virgil Village.

Their wild-yeasted, Montreal-style bagels are a must-try for anyone visiting Los Angeles.

13. Clark Street Diner

best places to eat in hollywood - Clark Street Diner
Clark Street Diner –get address!!

Clark Street Diner, located in the Hollywood Hills Hotel, is a must-visit spot for food lovers seeking classic breakfast and lunch diner fare.

With its retro 70s interiors, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience reminiscent of old-school diners.

Previously known as the 101 Coffee Shop, Clark Street Diner has expanded its menu to include dinner options. As one of the top 25 restaurants in Hollywood and among the best places to eat in the area, Clark Street Diner attracts both tourists and locals alike with its delicious comfort food and nostalgic atmosphere.

14. El Compadre Hollywood

best places to eat in hollywood - El Compadre Hollywood
El Compadre Hollywood – 1449 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

El Compadre Hollywood is a fantastic eatery for those craving authentic Mexican cuisine. Since 1975, they have been serving up delicious dishes made from cherished family recipes.

Located at 7408 Sunset Blvd., this lively establishment is known for its vibrant atmosphere and nightly music performances.

But what really sets El Compadre apart are their famous Flaming drinks that add an extra touch of excitement to your dining experience.

With its recognition as one of the best restaurants in Hollywood, you won’t want to miss out on the flavors and fun that await at El Compadre Hollywood.

15. Tartine Sycamore

best places to eat in hollywood - Tartine Sycamore
Tartine Sycamore – 148 S Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Tartine Sycamore, part of the Tartine Manufactory brand, offers an array of delicious options including homemade bread, sandwiches, pastries, rice porridges, quiches, and their signature smørrebrød toasts.

Located on Sycamore off Willoughby in an industrial area of Los Angeles, Tartine Sycamore has garnered positive reviews for its exceptional coffee and delectable quiche.

With three restaurants situated in the Sycamore District of Hollywood under CIM properties’ umbrella, Tartine Sycamore provides a unique dining experience that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

16. Hollywood Shawarma

best places to eat in hollywood - Hollywood Shawarma
Hollywood Shawarma – 6660 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hollywood Shawarma, located on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles, is a must-visit restaurant for food lovers. This Middle Eastern spot offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes, with their shawarma wraps being particularly renowned.

Not only does Hollywood Shawarma serve delicious food, but it also receives high praise from its patrons. The best part? It stays open late into the night, making it the perfect spot for those looking to grab a tasty meal after hours.

So whether you’re a tourist or a local foodie, don’t miss out on the incredible experience that Hollywood Shawarma has to offer.

17. Tonchin

best places to eat in hollywood - Tonchin
Tonchin – 6600 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tonchin is a renowned restaurant that originated in Tokyo, Japan back in 1992. Recently, they opened their first location right here in Hollywood. If you’re a ramen lover, this place is a must-visit! Specializing in tonkotsu ramen, Tonchin also offers other types of ramen like vegan options and tsukemen.

The menu doesn’t stop there though – they also have an array of delicious small plates to complement your meal. With the recognition from the Michelin Guide as a Bib Gourmand restaurant and being featured on the February Hit List of recommended places to eat in Hollywood, Tonchin is definitely one of the top spots for food lovers to check out while exploring the city.

18. Superba Food + Bread Hollywood

best places to eat in hollywood - Superba Food + Bread
Superba Food + Bread Hollywood – 1900 S Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90291

Superba Food + Bread Hollywood is a must-visit restaurant in Hollywood for food lovers and tourists alike. This restaurant offers a locally-sourced menu that will leave you craving for more.

What sets Superba Food + Bread apart is its oyster bar, where you can indulge in the freshest selection of oysters. Open from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 10 pm, and Saturday to Sunday from 9 am to 10 pm, it’s the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

With delicious food and one of the best patios in the city, Superba Food + Bread Hollywood promises an unforgettable dining experience.

19. Oui Bakery and Café

best places to eat in hollywood - Oui Bakery and Café
Oui Bakery and Café – 7100 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Oui Bakery and Café is a must-visit spot for sandwich lovers in Hollywood. Known for their delicious sandwiches, this restaurant has made it to the list of the top 25 restaurants in Hollywood.

Located near the famous Hollywood Bowl, Oui Bakery and Café offers a fantastic dining experience with their mouthwatering creations. It’s no wonder they are considered one of the best in the area! Situated in the heart of LA’s historic movie-making district, this charming café is definitely worth checking out during your visit to Hollywood.

20. Lemon Grove

best places to eat in hollywood - Lemon Grove
Lemon Grove – 626 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Lemon Grove is a rooftop restaurant, bar, and garden located in Hollywood. Inspired by the agrarian past of old Hollywood, Lemon Grove offers a unique dining experience. Celebrity chef Marcel Vigneron creates mouthwatering menus that are sure to satisfy any food lover.

But it’s not just the food that makes Lemon Grove stand out – it also offers stunning views of Los Angeles. With its combination of delicious cuisine, refreshing drinks, and impeccable views, Lemon Grove has earned its reputation as one of the best places to eat in Hollywood.

Make sure to visit The Aster in Hollywood to experience this hidden gem for yourself.

21. Ka’Teen

best places to eat in hollywood - Ka'Teen
Ka’Teen – 6681 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

One of the top 25 restaurants in Hollywood is Ka’Teen. This trendy spot offers Yucatan-inflected cuisine that combines unique flavors and influences. The mastermind behind Ka’Teen’s culinary creations is Chef Wes Avila, who has worked at renowned establishments like L’Auberge and Le Comptoir.

With positive reviews and a growing reputation within the Los Angeles food scene, this restaurant attracts both locals and tourists alike. In fact, Ka’Teen has become a popular destination for celebrities as well.

22. Gigi’s

best places to eat in hollywood - Gigi's
Gigi’s – 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Gigi’s Hollywood is a must-visit restaurant for food lovers in Hollywood. Located at 904 N. Sycamore Avenue, Gigi’s offers an unforgettable dining experience with French-influenced cuisine and a California twist.

The restaurant opens its doors from 5-10pm every day, making it the perfect spot for a memorable dinner. You can contact Gigi’s Hollywood at 323-819-7703 or via email at info@gigis.la to make a reservation or inquire about their menu.

With its delectable dishes and charming ambiance, Gigi’s is definitely one of the top restaurants to explore while you’re in Hollywood.

23. Salt’s Cure

best places to eat in hollywood - Salt's Cure
Salt’s Cure – 1155 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Salt’s Cure, located in West Hollywood, is a must-visit restaurant if you’re looking for healthy comfort food made with handcrafted local ingredients. This popular spot has been recognized as one of the top 25 restaurants in Hollywood and listed among the 25 best places to eat in the area.

With its laid-back ambiance and farm-to-table approach, Salt’s Cure has received accolades from Travel + Leisure, goop, and Los Angeles Magazine. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to enjoy delicious dishes while supporting local farmers and enjoying a relaxed dining experience.

24. Kinkan

best places to eat in hollywood - Kinkan
Kinkan – 1638 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Kinkan is a hidden gem in the heart of Hollywood that should not be missed by food lovers. This trendy eatery offers a unique dining experience with its upscale and trendy atmosphere.

The menu at Kinkan features a delectable selection of dishes like crispy fried chicken, flavorful lamb curry, and mouthwatering sushi rolls. With its excellent service and house-made cocktails, Kinkan is the perfect place to enjoy a night out or celebrate a special occasion.

Don’t forget to make a reservation at this popular spot in Hollywood!

Bonus: New Local Favorites and Top Restaurant Experiences in Hollywood

Hollywood is not only home to famous landmarks and iconic celebrities but also a vibrant dining scene that continues to evolve. If you’re looking for new local favorites and top restaurant experiences in Hollywood, you’re in luck.

One standout is Roundup Rodeo BBQ, a must-visit spot in Hollywood Studios. With its mouthwatering barbecue dishes and lively atmosphere, it’s perfect for meat lovers seeking an unforgettable dining experience.

In addition to Roundup Rodeo BBQ, there are several other newcomers making waves in the Hollywood food scene. Phuket-style crab curry at Luv2Eat Thai Bistro has garnered widespread acclaim with its authentic flavors and fragrant spices.

For steak enthusiasts, Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant offers a luxurious setting where you can indulge in prime cuts of meat cooked to perfection.

These new local favorites join the ranks of established Hollywood gems like Musso & Frank Grill and Providence, ensuring that visitors have plenty of dining options to choose from.

So whether you’re craving bold flavors or refined cuisine, Hollywood promises a culinary journey filled with delicious surprises.


Discover the culinary delights of Hollywood with our list of the 25 best places to eat. From Musso & Frank Grill’s classic Hollywood ambiance to Gigi’s delicious dishes, there’s something for every food lover in this vibrant neighborhood.

So make a reservation and indulge in the mouthwatering flavors that Hollywood has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best restaurants in Hollywood?

There are numerous outstanding restaurants in Hollywood, including Pizzeria Da Michele, IXLB DimSum Eats, and Los Balcones.

Where can I find a good pizzeria in Hollywood?

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele on Hollywood Blvd is one of the best places in Hollywood to indulge your pizza craving.

Are there any popular dim sum spots around Hollywood?

Yes, IXLB DimSum Eats is renowned for its delicious dim sum offerings near the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Can you recommend a place if I’m looking for steakhouse or seafood options?

Sure! For traditional steak and lobsters dishes or prime cuts meats, consider visiting 2023 Steakhouse located close to other famous Hollywood icons.

Is it possible to get good pastries and french toast in Hollywood?

Absolutely! Gigi’s bakery is a top choice among locals when you’re in the mood for delectable pastries or fluffy French toast.

Are there lunch-specific venues that provide quality food at an affordable rate around $20 per person?

Indeed! Known as one of the best spots for lunch in this area with its mouth-watering chicken sandwiches and salads; Noodle Cafe’s menu keeps patrons returning again.

Where can I eat in Hollywood?

There are numerous restaurants in Hollywood that offer great food. Some of the best Hollywood restaurants include Pizzeria da Michele, Ixlb Dimsum Eats, and Los Balcones among others.

What are the 10 best places to eat in Hollywood?

There’s a long list of the best restaurants in Hollywood. However, some of the most popular restaurants include Pizzeria da Michele, Ixlb Dimsum Eats, Los Balcones, along with many others. These are celebrated places that offer excellent dining experiences.

What can I expect to find at Pizzeria da Michele?

Pizzeria da Michele is one of the best restaurants in Hollywood. At this Italian restaurant, you’ll find one of Hollywood’s most authentic pizzas. It’s a must-visit spot if you’re looking for the best pizza in town.

What cuisine does Ixlb Dimsum Eats specialize in?

Ixlb Dimsum Eats is a renowned restaurant that specializes in Dimsums. At this place, you’ll find one of the best banh mi in Hollywood. Also, their various plates are famed, making it one of the best Hollywood restaurants.

Are there any affordable places to dine in Hollywood?

Yes. Hollywood offers a range of restaurants that cater to various budget types. While there are numerous high-end restaurants, you’ll find equally satisfying meals at restaurants that are budget-friendly. It’s all about knowing where to look.

What’s special about dining at The Hollywood Roosevelt?

The Hollywood Roosevelt is an iconic Hollywood location that offers more than just meals. Diners get to enjoy a blend of good food and rich history. It’s one of the Hollywood restaurants that offer an exceptional dining experience.

Where to go for the best fried chicken sandwich in Hollywood?

Hollywood has a variety of places to eat if you’re craving a fried chicken sandwich. The list of the best restaurants would definitely recommend some top spots that offer this American classic.

Can I find a restaurant near Hollywood that offers a menu à la carte?

Yes, numerous restaurants near Hollywood offer à la carte menus. They range from fine dining to more casual spots. You can enjoy a variety of cuisines that suit your palate and budget.

Are there any famous Hollywood restaurants where celebrities frequently dine?

Definitely. Hollywood being the home of celebrities, there are many restaurants where you might bump into a celebrity. These include popular restaurants like the Hollywood Roosevelt among others. However, do note that dining at such places could be steep, sometimes starting from $300 per person.

What’s the most interesting place to eat in Hollywood if I’m looking to explore something new?

If you’re looking to discover the best and try something new, Los Balcones could be a good place to start. This spot reflects the diverse food culture that Hollywood boasts of, providing a blend of tradition and innovation in their dishes.